Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Skinny Fiber Client

From November 29 th to today April 19th I started at 285 today I weighed in at 252 33 lbs lost
During which I took a very strong steroid and gained back weight but since April 2nd, 7 lbs gone its so amazing no diet change and no exercise ...and still down 33 lb in five months amazing :) today i am wearing pants that at Christmas so tight couldn't breathe but had no clothes cause hubby left our suitcase home had to barrow mother in laws pants couldn't sit down now those same pants are baggy it boggles my mind i didn't want to even try them on because I didn't want to feel strapped in lol like before wish i had picture of that they are so baggy :) so very happy I found skinny fiber I was headed for 300 lbs and felt like no end in site so happy :)